Can I pledge to a campaign with a cheque or cash?

It's possible to transfer funds directly to the project creator, however unlike pledging through Spacehive, this is insecure and you will need to arrange this yourself.

In order to quickly and easily collect pledges for projects, Spacehive uses two secure, widely used payment platforms, PayPal and GoCardless.

We strongly recommend pledging through them, rather than cash/cheque. ‘Pledges’, rather than actual cash transfers to the project creator, are less risky as the money only gets released if the campaign is successful in hitting its target. It also means that if the campaign is unsuccessful then there’s no need to refund the backer as the pledge is simply cancelled. Pledges made via PayPal and GoCardless also have the advantage of showing in your campaign as being made by the individual backer, which in turn boosts its appearance as a popular campaign.

If someone wants to pay via cash/cheque, then they can do so by directly transferring this to the project creator, who can then upload this to their campaign. If the campaign is successful then the project creator already has the funds. However if the campaign is unsuccessful then it is up to the project creator to return them to the backer.