Can I add funds raised offline during the campaign?

It's easier and more secure for everyone if backers pledge to your campaign via the crowdfunding page. However if you receive cash/cheques and would like them added to your campaign, then it is possible to do so.

Spacehive is an online crowdfunding platform and therefore all donations that are made to your project should be done so via the ‘back this project’ button on your project page. Backers will then be presented with the option of using whichever of Spacehive’s payment partners you have selected (GoCardless and PayPal).

If you expect to receive cash, cheques or bank transfers from funders during your crowdfunding campaign and want to have this loaded into your fundraising total, you will need to pledge this using the Spacehive platform as outlined above. Spacehive does not facilitate pledging these funds based on good faith that you hold this money. We recommend one of the following options:

Encourage your backer to pledge via Spacehive. Talk with whoever is offering you funds this way and encourage them to make this donation via Spacehive. We understand that some funders may be reluctant to deviate from their standard methods of payment. To help you explain the benefits of using our platform, we have an email template that you can use to ask someone to pledge to your campaign via Spacehive. Pledging via Spacehive also makes it easier for everyone if you do not hit your crowdfunding target, as we are able to cancel all of the pledges meaning that no money gets collected. If you receive cash during your campaign and do not hit your target, then it is your responsibility to refund backers.

Create a dedicated separate bank account for funds you raise offline, from which you can then pledge to your campaign. When you set up your bank account with Spacehive, this is the account into which you will receive funds if you hit your target. If you want to pledge to your own campaign using funds you have raised offline, then you must do so from another bank account. This is in order to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. If you don’t have access to a second bank account, we recommend that you create a dedicated bank account into which you can deposit cash and funding you receive outside of Spacehive (MoneySuperMarket has advice on the best current providers).

If you want to pledge to your own project, but have the name appear as the backer (and not yourself), then you will need to create a new Spacehive account in the name of this entity (for example: Donations from fundraising event at the King’s Arms pub). Signed into this account, you can then navigate to your project’s campaign page and go through the pledging process, using a different bank account to your project one. If you do this while signed into your project Spacehive account, this is the name that will appear on the list of backers, so make sure you are signed into the donation account before you pledge.