Can I create a project by myself?

You are welcome to create a project by yourself, but consider asking people to join your team so that you can share the workload and increase the skills available

The majority of projects on Spacehive are created by organisations who have either formed to create a specific project, or an existing organisation that has recognised crowdfunding as a way to raise funds for a new project.

Individuals run a lot of great projects too though, and a lot of our biggest and best campaigns have been organised and delivered by one person. Once the campaign’s off and running you’ll often find people want to add support with more than their money as well, and can help form a team around you.

If you are planning a campaign as an individual, it’s a great exercise to map out where your current strengths in fundraising are, and where you could benefit from some added support. Have you got a good social media network and decent marketing ability for example, or could someone really add a lot to your campaign by supporting you with that? If you could use some extra help the first thing to do is to approach like minded people and friends and family, your core crowdfunding supporters, to see if they can lend a hand. And remember that Spacehive are always here to help as well, starting with our ultimate guide to crowdfunding all the way through to bespoke support helping you unlock cash from the business and funding community. Drop us a line at during your campaign if there’s anything we can help with.