Can I edit my project after verification?

Your project page is locked once you submit for verification. The Spacehive support team can make small changes for you, or it may be better to set your project back to the 'Design' stage.

Once you submit your project for verification, to the moment your project is delivered, you won’t be able to edit your project page (e.g. the description, costs, or payment details).

This is because your project needs to be static so that it can be reviewed as part of the verification process. 

You can however add or remove photos, post updates, and edit your profile information.

If there are small changes (e.g. typos or event date changes) please email and we’ll endeavour to fix these for you. If you have substantial changes to make then you can email us to request that we take your project out of verification and set it back to the 'Design' stage. You can then make all the changes you wish, and then re-submit the project for verification.