Crowdfunding during the coronavirus period

We've made some changes in order to boost your efforts to support your community during this crisis.

In these new times, to respond to the growing need to ensure that communities remain resilient, connected, and healthy, we are making changes which mean that crowdfunding on Spacehive is not business-as-usual. If you want to run a crowdfunding campaign with us, it is important that you are aware of these changes, all of which aim to support your efforts and provide you with sufficient flexibility during this uncertain time. 

Waiving our 5% fee

Normally projects which crowdfund on Spacehive pay a 5% fee + VAT, which we calculate at the outset when you tell us how much your project will cost. Eg. if your project costs £100, we set your crowdfunding target at £106 (£5 fee + £1 VAT).  This fee is only applicable if you hit your target.

As of now, we are waiving this fee. We will still calculate this and add it to your campaign target, however as soon as you launch your campaign, we will pledge the fee straight to you. E.g. if your project costs £100, your campaign total will be £106, and we will pledge £6 at the beginning.

Relaxing our criteria

We started Spacehive to promote the idea of people coming together to create new community projects with a focus on things like parks and gardens, repurposing derelict buildings, festivals etc.  We normally say that these things are 'tangible' - you get to see the new thing. 

We know that right now there are other priorities and we want to be responsive to this. We are therefore making it possible for organisations and groups to crowdfund for non-tangible items such as running costs. 

Being flexible on delivery

Projects will still be asked to commit to an intended delivery date - i.e. a time after you have successfully raised funds and will start making your project happen. We normally state that this should be within one year of the campaign ending. However we know that with everything so uncertain, backers will be flexible as circumstances may dictate that your preferred delivery time is not possible.

Examples of projects

As ever, we place a lot of faith in people's creativity to respond to the unique needs of their community. Hearing from project creators of late, we have a feeling that certain types of projects are going to be popular over this period. These include:

  • Purchasing technology to move a service online
  • Setting up food growing projects to help with mental health and food security
  • Creating pop up libraries where neighbours can swap books
  • Brightening up the neighbourhood with murals
  • Starting community kitchens and delivery services to help the vulnerable

Promoting your campaigns while remaining socially distant

It is highly likely that we are going to asked to remain socially distant from one another for quite a while. This means that you will need to do most, if not all, of your campaign promotion online. We have guidance available on how to promote your campaigns using social media. It's likely that over the coming months you are going to be more reliant anyway on digital means of communication so hopefully you will discover new forums and places where you can connect with people locally. 

Campaigns are highly recommended to use as much video as possible. There's no better way to bridge the distance created by current restrictions. We have guidance available on how to shoot a simple campaign video.

Let's Pull Together

Community projects will be a big part of helping us through this period. We are more committed than ever to supporting your ideas. Let's pull together and in doing so we will come out the other side stronger for it.