How do I develop my idea into a Spacehive project?

We know that the best ideas don’t come fully formed into a complete project plan. We recommend trying to clarify what your idea is, who it is for, and why it can work.

1. Start with a challenge

It’s likely that your desire to do something positive in your area involves there being a current challenge or issue that is affecting people. The better you can position your idea in relation to this challenge, the more likely you are to win support for it.

  • Talk to people who experience the challenge or need that you are interested in (the potential ‘users’ of your project). What is specific about how they experience this issue in your community?
  • What do they think might help? Research any people or projects that have tried to solve similar problems. Why did they succeed or fail?
  • Do they need a physical space? Can you find a space like that in your area, or can you make one?
  • Take your options to your users for feedback. Which do they think might be most worthwhile? How would they make it even better?

When you think your idea might work, start planning your project in more detail.


2. Start with a space

If you’ve identified a potential space or several where you think your project could be based, then thinking about it in a rigorous way and testing its suitability will help you ascertain whether it’s right for you or not.

  • Who owns the space or building? Do you think it is likely they would let you use it/change it for the better?
  • Make a list of its good qualities. What makes you think it has potential?
  • Make a list of its challenges. For example, is there delivery access? Does it have poor security?
  • Come up with some options for how it could be used or improved, bearing in mind its physical features. How do these fit with what your community actually needs? Do any of them duplicate things that already exist in your area?
  • For each option, talk to people who you think would use the space. What do they think of your idea?How would they make it better?

When you think your idea might work, start planning your project in more detail.