How do I explain the benefits of my project?

Try and think about what your project will bring to the area. Who will it benefit, and how? Why does your area need this? Are you solving a particular challenge? Does any research back you up?

Understanding the benefits of your project will make it much easier to then go and promote it to your crowd. 

Try and also distinguish between your project's overall benefits (those that appeal broadly to everyone), and then those more nuanced ones which may serve a section of your crowd. 

For example, your project might appeal to:

  • People who live very close by;
  • Local mums;
  • Environmentalists;
  • Businesses who want to see the area improve.

By matching up the benefits to different sections of your crowd, as well as having maybe 2-3 key ones that everyone can resonate with, you have a powerful set of messages which should form the backbone of your promotion.