How do I use the Spacehive update tool?

You can use the update tool via your Project Home dashboard to keep backers up with your latest campaign news. Campaigns which make effective use of updates raise 25% more on average!

The updates tool allows you to post a message with links, images and videos to everyone who has liked, backed and followed your project. Updates appear both on your project timeline and in an email to your project’s supporters. 

Why should I use it?

Updates keep your backers interested and involved in your project, encourage them to get their network to support you and might just motivate them to pledge a little more to your campaign. All pretty solid reasons to give updates a go. However the biggest reason to start using the updates tool is that projects receive 25% more pledges on average after sending out an update! Boom! That’s what we’re talking about.

How do I use it?


What should I include in my updates?

You want to get your backers excited about your project and to make them feel like they’re part of your journey. With this in mind your updates could include any of the following;

  • Milestones – big donations, a significant number of backers (10, 20, 50, 100!) or notable supporters whether they’re the council, a local business or Jay-Z
  • Thank yous – take the time to thank your backers and recognise their contributions whether a £5 pledge, volunteering their time or a giant cheque
  • Events – meetings, fundraisers, pledge parties, if you’re going to be somewhere talking about your project then let your backers know and give them the opportunity to come meet you in person
  • Press – have you been featured in the newspaper, on the radio or TV or even in a local blog? Tell people! It adds to the legitimacy of your campaign, spreads awareness to new audiences and is a reason to get people to share your project links again, and again, and again!

The most important thing to include in all of your updates is a strong call-to-action asking people to a) pledge b) get other people to pledge or c) share the link to your project with the people that they know.


How often should I send out an update?

Every project is different but a good rule of thumb is to start off slowly and increase the number of updates as you increase the number of backers. At the beginning of you campaign, use the tool sparingly until you’ve got a critical mass of supporters. Towards the end of your campaign, the number of updates you post is likely to increase as you galvanise your support in the last few days to get your project over the line.

Updates should be used alongside social media outreach, emails, posters, leaflets and events to raise awareness, build support and ultimately get your project funded.