How does pledging work?

Pledging means that backers can make a promise to give funds to the project if it reaches its fundraising target.

To pledge to a project, backers click the yellow “Back this project!” button on any live campaign. They are then asked to enter the pledge amount and the name under which they would like it to be made (there is an option to pledge anonymously).

If the backer is not logged into a Spacehive account then they will be directed to log in or create an account. Spacehive requires basic account information (name, email address, and password) so that we can contact backers regarding their pledge if need be.

After creating a Spacehive account backers can then select their payment method. Depending on what the project creator has selected, they may be presented with an option to pledge using PayPal (an account for which links to a debit or credit card) and/or GoCardless (a one-off Direct Debit from a bank account).

Backers are then asked to authorise the payment but will only be charged if, and only if, the project hits its funding target. If the project’s crowdfunding campaign doesn’t succeed, they won’t be charged anything.