How will the Funds I pitched to pledge to my project?

Funds receive your pitch and decide whether or not to pledge based on the strength of your project and the campaign after a few weeks.

There is no guarantee of any Fund pledging towards a particular project, they make their decisions on the same basis as the rest of the crowd: how much they like your project idea, and how much support it has from the community. If a Fund likes the idea and you can show that the community do too through some smaller but equally important pledges, the Fund may well make a pledge.

Should the Fund do so, the pledge will be added to your campaign in the same way as any other pledge from the crowd, and will help you reach your overall funding goal. There’s no set amount that the Fund will pledge, it can be any amount up to their maximum pledge per project which is outlined on the Fund overview page during pitching, or on the Partners profile page.

Visit the Fund directory for more information on Funds.