I need ideas to help me hit my target with two weeks to go!

It's all about getting the message out that unless you hit your target, your project won't happen. If you pull out all the stops, you can do it.

As you enter the finishing stages of your crowdfunding campaign it can feel quite hairy! All that hard work you've done to put yourself in with a chance of hitting your target can hinge on the final few weeks and even days. 

The all-or-nothing Spacehive model means that you have an effective message to take to backers - either back this project or it won't happen. 

Here are a few quick ideas for how to ensure you hit your target:

  1. Go back to anyone you’ve asked already but hasn’t pledged yet. It's normal that people may have dragged their feet to pledge when you first asked them, but tell them now is the time to get on with it!
  2. Send updates through your project page asking for existing backers to help - remember, they’re invested in your success too (see our Help article on posting updates for more detail)
  3. Make a simple infopack that you can take to local businesses. and see if anyone wants to step up and be a hero for your campaign (see our Help article on approaching businesses for more detail)
  4. Host an event where people can come and learn about your project. Make sure you have a laptop/tablet on hand to allow people to pledge on the spot! (see our Help article on pledge parties for more detail)
  5. Go on a social media frenzy. It's probably your best chance of reaching the widest possible audience. Oh, and we mean frenzy (see our Help article on social media for more detail)

If you want it to happen, it can happen. Remember that the majority of campaigns are concluded in this period. Get a plan for these final two weeks and get to work - there's a great chance it will be worth it.