Is there a deadline for pitching to a fund?

It depends. Some of our funds are open all-year round, whereas others - normally the more localised ones - run funding rounds during fixed periods in the year.

Funds which are available throughout the UK tend not to have deadlines and are open to pitches all year round. 

Our more localised funds run funding rounds, normally twice a year, with deadlines to submit your project and pitch so that you can be considered for a pledge. The deadline is normally available on the Spacehive movement page, as well as on the fund itself once you are matched to it. 

You can pitch to all the funds you have been matched to once you have filled in the basic details about your project. It may be that some of these funds have deadlines whereas others don't. Make sure you prioritise the funds with deadlines. You can always pitch to the other ones once this deadline has passed.

Click here for an up to date list of the funds available on Spacehive.