Should I create the project as an individual or organisation?

If you are running the project through an organisation, or you have the ability to do so, it's to your advantage as you are more likely to get matched to certain funds which will only consider pledging to organisations.

If an organisation you’re a member of is running and will be delivering the project you’re creating, please make sure you register the account as an organisation when signing up. This is important as some Funds will only pledge to projects run by organisations. If you register the account as an individual when you’re acting on behalf of your organisation, you may not be matched to Funds and therefore miss out on the opportunity to pitch to them.

If you’re unclear about the type of account you should create, you can consider which bank account will be accepting pledges and paying to deliver the project. If it’s a personal bank account then you’re probably running the project as an individual, if it’s a company bank account you should probably register as an organisation.

If you’re unsure about which account type to create, please get in touch at