What are Funds, and how do I apply?

On Spacehive you are matched to funds which can pledge to your campaign alongside the crowd. You can apply to them directly on Spacehive.

Spacehive partners with Local Authorities, companies and funding bodies across the UK who are like-minded in their support of local projects, and want to support their crowdfunding. As part of these partnerships they set up a ‘Fund’ on Spacehive from which they can pledge directly to campaigns once they are live.

Projects are matched to Funds once they have entered basic details including the type of project, the impact area, the type of organisation behind it, and location.

Once matched, the project creator can take a look at each Fund’s criteria, objectives, and maximum pledge size. If you think it’s a good match, you can then apply or ‘pitch’ to it directly through Spacehive. Each Fund may ask unique questions, or request that certain evidence or documentation is provided (e.g. a copy of your constitution or most recent set of accounts).

To view the full list of Funds your project could be matched to, have a look at our Fund directory.