What are project deliverables?

Be specific, and focus on clear and tangible things that backers will be able to see as a result of your project, rather than the benefits that will happen when talking about what your project will deliver.

This section is one where you have an opportunity to make it clear to backers what bang they will get for their buck. 

A simple way to understand this is to think about a tree-planting project. The tangible deliverable here would be the number of trees that you are going to plant. As a result of this tree-planting there may be an improvement in air quality, or a feeling of community pride. However all you should put down in this section is the number of trees planted. 

Another way of thinking about this is what you will spend the money on, and what backers can expect to see. You can control this, whereas you can't control the outcome of your project, that is more aspirational and unknown at this early stage. 

You can talk about the outcomes in the 'Tell us why this is a great idea' section. Try and list the different project outputs in the most specific way possible. Here are some good examples:

Help reopen Camley Street Natural Park

  • Building a bespoke new learning centre to accommodate twice as many school and local community groups;
  • A new volunteers room for our dedicated group of local volunteers who make Camley Street such a success;
  • A new on-site cafe for visitors to come and enjoy;
  • Outside seating area for visitors;
  • A new outdoor learning area including invertebrate, wildflower, woodland and wetland zones.

xChange Studios - Creative Education

  • Decorate rooms;
  • Install a soundproof recording studio;
  • Install recording equipment;
  • Deliver regular arts projects for young people;
  • Furnish lounge space;
  • Install video editing equipment;
  • Add signage to front of building;
  • Organise regular public events for our community;
  • Ensure there is safe and secure access to the building.