What are the fees? Is there a charge?

Spacehive is free to use but there is a success fee of 5% added to campaigns which we only receive if a campaign hits its target

Anyone can start using Spacehive and create a project for free. However in order to ensure the continuing development and maintenance of our technology platform, the process of verifying projects, and the support that we provide, we apply a success fee to projects which hit their target with us. 

Our success fee is a flat 5% (+1% VAT) on the total cost of your crowdfunding campaign. This fee is automatically calculated and added to your total when you input your project costs, and is visible in the budget section of your page so that this is transparent to all. 

As an example, if you input project costs and it totals £100, a £5 fee and £1 VAT will be automatically added, giving a total of £106. 

There are also transaction fees for accepting electronic pledges which again we calculate for you once you've input your project costs. Read our dedicated article on these to find out more. 

The success fee continues to apply to funds raised during overfunding.