What date should I put for my project delivery?

You should give an indication of when you intend to deliver your project. For some projects this may be over a period of time, whereas for others it may be just over one single day.

As important as telling people about your project is giving them idea about when it will happen. Doing this will add further detail to your project and be welcomed by backers, particularly larger funds which may use this information when deciding whether to pledge to your campaign. 

Most projects will have a delivery window that covers a short period of time. It doesn't need to start the minute you receive the funds from a successful crowdfunding campaign (remember that it takes around 10 working days from hitting your crowdfunding target and ending your campaign for the funds to reach your bank account - see our FAQ on this for further detail). It should be the period of time from when you start spending the funds towards the project and the things you list on your page. 

Some projects may only have one day of delivery, for example a local street party. In this case you need only select a single date.

In all cases it's normal at the outset that you might not know for certain when your project will be delivered. You should not worry too much about getting the exact date right. An approximation will be sufficient in most cases.