What is a good project URL?

Your project URL is automatically created when you tell us the title of your Spacehive project, however you can also edit it to something else. It will always start with www.spacehive.com/

Your Spacehive project URL is the one which you will share with people when you are promoting your campaign. When people click on it, they will be able to pledge to your project (provided your campaign is live, if it's not then they'll just be able to 'like' it).

When you first start designing your project, you are asked to give it a name. Once that field is filled in, your project URL is automatically generated. For example, if you tell us your project name is 'The Horsham Free Little Library' then our system will give you the following URL:


If you do nothing else, then the URL will stay this way. However, you may decide that something shorter or snappier will work better. You have the option to edit your URL on your project dashboard.