What is Spacehive? How does it work?

Spacehive is a crowdfunding platform that combine funds from across society to get grassroots projects funded fast. Set up a project page, start crowdfunding, hit your target and deliver your project!

Spacehive is the UK’s only dedicated crowdfunding platform designed solely for projects that help your local area. The following three steps explain how Spacehive works:

1. Create

Anyone can create a project on Spacehive provided that it is eligible. Use your project page to talk about your idea, why it's great, and what you intend to spend the money on. 

2. Crowdfund

When you're ready you can start your crowdfunding campaign. This means asking people to pledge money to your project, which is only converted into a payment if you hit your target. The more you promote your project, the more backing you will get. 

Alongside individual backers you can also get support from local businesses and even grant funders. Through our grant maker app we are able to automatically match projects to Funds, which can then pledge directly to the crowdfunding campaign.

3. Deliver

We can normally get the funds to you in 10-14 days following hitting your target. Start delivering your project, and when it's done complete an impact report to share what you achieved.

Why Spacehive?

It’s a fast, transparent and fun way to get the funding for the projects that can positively impact your area.

We're proud to:

  • Work all over the UK. Anyone can create a project anywhere in the country, and we partner with councils from West Sussex to Sunderland, and mayors from Liverpool to London. 
  • Have the highest success rate of any crowdfunding platform. We are committed to supporting your ideas and have a best-in-class Help Centre packed with resources to turn anyone into a crowdfunding wiz, and have a support team available should you require anything extra.

Who’s behind Spacehive?

We are an independent company based in London that launched in 2012. We love what we do and who we do it with, and we reinvest all of our profit in making Spacehive better.

If you like what we do, say hello, or check us out on Facebook or Twitter.