What is the difference between the Project Creator and the Project Delivery Manager?

The Project Creator is the entity that creates the project on Spacehive. The Project Delivery Manager is the entity responsible for ensuring the project happens. They can be different people or the same person.

The person/organisation that creates a Spacehive page for their idea is known as the Project Creator. This person controls the login for the Spacehive page and will likely be the face of the project.

Separate to this is ensuring that the project happens, should the crowdfunding campaign be successful. In many cases the Project Creator has the skills, time and track record to do this, and therefore they double up to become the nominated Project Delivery Manager. The Project Delivery Manager will own the bank account into which funds are placed following a successful campaign.

In some cases however the Project Creator may decide that another person or organisation is better placed to carry out the delivery of the project. Agreeing to receive the funds and deliver the project is a legal responsibility, for which the Project Delivery Manager must sign an agreement prior to beginning crowdfunding.