What is the size of my crowd?

Use our crowd calculator to understand more about where your backers are likely to come from, and how much you might be able to raise from your crowd

We’ve built a spreadsheet which you can download here that enables you to calculate the size of your crowd. It prompts you to do some brainstorming as to who could potentially pledge to your project, and how big this pledge could be.

The spreadsheet has different columns where you can list these names and amounts, with the different columns indicating a different type of backer, e.g. there is a column for friends and family, and another column for local businesses.

These columns are then individually weighted based on probability. We assume that friends and family are more likely to pledge (we use a probability of 90%) than a local business (20%). The various columns and their totals are then fed into an overall figure at the top of the page to give you an idea of the size of your crowd.

It’s not meant to be an exact science but hopefully will give you an idea of the task ahead. It may also show you where your crowd is weak, and inform your outreach plans. We hope you find it useful!