What should I do while my project is being verified?

Use this time to get organised in case you need to quickly answer a question from your verifier, and get ready to launch your crowdfunding campaign.

After you submit for verification, you will receive an email from one of our verifiers. They will give you an initial assessment of your project and possibly have a few questions for you. During this process, your project page is locked and you are unable to make any amendments to it, except for changing images and video.

Make sure that you have all of your organisation documents to hand, as well as an up-to-date spreadsheet with your cost items and links to quotes/stores if you are purchasing something. This will be very useful if the verifiers get in touch with questions, as it will mean that you can quickly respond.

Some projects sail straight through first time without any need to communicate further with the verifiers, but there’s a good chance that you’ll have to provide a little bit more information on your project. Remember, the verification process is in place to ensure that your project has the best chance of success, so we need to make sure it’s ready before being verified!

Don’t worry – currently over 90% of projects get verified and are able to confidently begin crowdfunding. In the meantime, it’s an excellent time to start thinking about your crowdfunding campaign and ensuring that you get off to that all-important good start.

If the verifiers decide that everything is in order with your project, they will send you an email confirming that you have been verified. You can then proceed to set your campaign dates and start crowdfunding.