What type of evidence should I upload for my cost items?

To demonstrate a credible budget, you need to have accurate costings for items backed up by evidence

When creating your project, one of the most important sections to fill out is your costs section. To help us verify that your project is realistically costed, you will be required to upload some evidence along with each of your cost items to show that it is available to you to the value that you have listed.

What types of evidence are accepted?

  • The most common forms of evidence come in the shape of a quote from a supplier. This could be an emailed pdf, a screenshot of an email or a scan of a hard copy of the quote.
  • If you’re buying products online, you could include a screenshot of an online store selling the product, clearly showing the price. It’s best if you attach a pdf or image file.
  • Invoices are also accepted – but only if they haven’t yet been paid! Retrospective crowdfunding isn’t allowed on Spacehive.

What types of evidence aren’t accepted?

  • Please don’t upload a spreadsheet or budget document that you or your team has put together. If you’ve entered the cost details yourself, that doesn’t prove anything to us!
  • Outdated quotes. If your quote is from a long time ago but you are sure it’s still valid, please provide further evidence to support this.

We do appreciate that in some circumstances, exact costs and supporting evidence is unattainable, so please use the text boxes provided to explain your situation and this will be taken into consideration during the verification process.

Please note that any supporting evidence you upload will be for internal use only and won’t be visible on your page.

For advice on what cost items to include in your Costs section, check out our guide to costing up a project for crowdfunding.