Why does GoCardless need to verify my bank account?

As a regulated payments processor, GoCardless is obliged to conduct checks on merchants who sign up to its service.

As an FCA regulated payment processing company, GoCardless needs to comply with strict regulatory requirements. This will always involve verifying at least one individual’s identity. It also serves to enhance the security of your GoCardless account and ensure that it will only ever be paying out your money to an account you, your business or your charity owns.

It aims to do this electronically using the information you provide on the verification form once you've signed up, but in some instances it may need additional documentation to do this. In these instances someone from GoCardless will contact you.

You can read more about verification on GoCardless here

If you have any questions related to your GoCardless account, you can contact their customer support team directly on verification@gocardless.com.